Hollow Chains vs Solid Chains

Updated: Apr 4

When purchasing a gold chain, it will either feature a hollow or solid body. Both types are still considered real gold. The main difference is, a hollow chain will have an empty body where as a solid chain will be filled with gold all the way through.


A solid chain is completely filled with gold. A hollow chain has an empty inside. Now let's say the image above features a solid rope 14k chain and a hollow rope 14k chain. The gold part of each chain will still be made up of the same 14k gold. The solid chain will posses more gold, weight, and value.

Solid Gold Chain Pros:

  • Heavier

  • More value

Hollow Gold Chain Pros:

  • Lightweight, easier to wear all day

  • Less expensive

So in the end, it comes down to preference and how much you are willing to spend. A solid chain or a hollow chain are both great options to own and wear.

hollow chain vs solid chainhollow chain vs solid chain
hollow chain vs solid chain

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